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Mississauga is named after the Mississauga people who lived in this area and describes mouth of a river. Missi means “many” and saki means “outlet” so the meaning derived from the word Mississauga is a river having many outlets.

Mississauga covers 288.42 square kilometers of land fronting 13 kilometers of shoreline on Lake Ontario. It is bounded by Oakville and Milton to the west/southwest Brampton to the north, Toronto to the east and Lake Ontario to the south/south-east. Mississauga is a multicultural city where many cultures live together it is a quickly growing city. It has the total population of 734,000 people. The population of this city has doubled in past twenty years.

When Europeans arrived in Credit River area in 1600s Iroquoian and Algonquian speaking people were already living there. Algonquian Mississauga was tribes originally from the Georgian Bay area were one of the First Nation groups who found the Credit River area. On August 2, 1805 Toronto Township was formed when officials from York (present Toronto) purchased 84, 0000 acres of land from the Mississauga’s People. In January 2010, the federal government and Mississauga’s settled a land claim and received $145,000,000 as the compensation for their land. Pearson International Airport officially represents the climate of Mississauga but conditions can be different from location to location like at different times in year fog can be more common along the lakeshore. Southwestern side is comparatively milder in winter and also on summer nights than northern areas that include the airport also. Northern parts of the city tend to get more snow than the southern parts because colder temperature during snowfalls.

Mississauga have many attractions for tourists some of them are historic and some are planned by the government. With the help of Project for Public Spaces the city started hosting summer festivities at civic square in 2006. Mississauga planned more than 60 events to bring more and more people to the city square where all these events take place. For these events the square was transformed and included some gaming facilities, a moveable stage and a skate park. Mississauga also has one of the largest shopping malls in Canada called Square One Shopping Centre, surrounded by many bars and restaurants. Every year Mississauga host a cultural festival named Carassauga to celebrate diverse population. The largest South Asian multi-disciplinary arts festival in North America is called Mosaic and Mississauga is host of this festival. The historical attractions of Mississauga are Benares Historic house, Bradley Museum, Old Meadowvale village and Leslie Log Cabin.

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