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History says that this area was a beach 10,000 years age. After countless ages of geological swamps and sloughs the prairies dominated the landscape with groves of trees, flowers and wild life in abundance! In Markham the European settlement occurred when William Moll Berczy, a German artist led a group of about sixty-four German families to North America. In 1792 they arrived in Philadelphia. They were intended to settle on land in the Genesee area of New York.

When they reached there disputes arose over finances and land tenure and the Berczy settlers were forced to look elsewhere. In May 1794 there held successful negotiations between Berczy and Simcoe for 64,000 acres in Markham Township. The Berczy settlers, joined by several Pennsylvania German families, set out for Upper Canada. Sixty-four families arrived there in that year and there first few years proved very difficult for them because of harsh winter and crop failures. Some original settlers moved back to Niagara Falls, but people who stayed eventually succeeded.

However the modern history of this town called Markham started in 1791 when the first Lieutenant-Governor was appointed of Upper Canada named John Graves Simcoe. During his term as Lieutenant Governor, City (Markham Airport Limo) was directly affected by his actions. His concern for improving the military security of the new territory led the clearing of Yonge Street and a system and a system of free land grants, both of which greatly influenced the establishment and growth of what became the Township of Markham. Simcoe was also responsible for giving the Township its name, after his friend, William Markham, the Archbishop of York at the time.

A German immigrant Lawrence Roesner made his way to the southern boundary and settled in the northwestern corner of Markham. He brought with him six seedlings from the black Forest of Germany and planted them. This Lone Pine Tree was adopted as the official city symbol in 1985.

Early pioneers used Markham, at the southern tip of Lake Michigan, as a crossroad. A treaty was made with Ottawa, Chippewa and Pottawatomi Indians in 1861. This treaty ceded a corridor of land located between the Chicago and Calumet Rivers. In 1925 with population of less than 300 people the village of Markham was established. And in 1930’s when Croissant Park subdivision was built its population was increased from 349 to 1,388. In 1950 after World War II, Markham’s population reached the number of 2,753. Soon the village developed into a bedroom community as residents sought homes. On August 24, 1967, the village of Markham was incorporated, as a City.

With population of nearly 262,000 Markham (Markham Airport Limo) has had a huge growth spurt as compare to other Toronto regions like Mississauga, North York and Scarborough. This growth increased 70% between 1991 to 2006. It has become the 4th largest community in the Greater Toronto Area(Toronto Airport Limo). Markham is surrounded by five municipalities, including Toronto, to the south.

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