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North York is located in the central part of the northern section of Toronto geographically. North York is one the most diverse area of Toronto. It has a population of 635,370.

The township of North York was formed on June 13, 1922 from the rural part of the Township of York. As a township was recognized as a grouping of scattered villages comprising a regional agricultural hub. North York urbanized rapidly it became the Borough of North York in 1967 and then on February 14, 1979 it became a city. After World War II North York’s economy boomed and by the 1950s and 1960s it resembled many other North American Suburbs.

A massive explosion occurred at the Sunrise Propane industrial Gases propane facility on August 10, 2008. This destroyed many houses and about 13,000 residents were evacuated from their area for several days. One employee of the company and one fire fighter died in this accident. An investigation after this incident recommended to setback distance between depots and nearby residential area.

Agriculture remained the base of economy of North York for over a thousand years. Agriculture Census in 1996 recorded 1,342 working farms having 2,913 employed. The main crops of this area are barley, wheat, oilseed rape, potatoes, and sugar beets. Pigs and poultry ate some intensive productions of this area.

Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 allows the visitors walking on a network of right-of-way almost 2300 km in length and have open access. Some famous walks are Cleveland way and Lyke Wake walk. This area also gives an opportunity for cycling, mountain biking and horse-riding. Many gliding clubs use steep escarpments that define the edge of the park.

As North York Moors are part of the United Kingdom so generally its weather is warm in summer and has a mild winter. Weather conditions of North York changes day by day. In winter westerly winds and their associated fonts brings unsettled and windy weather. Air temperature of this area varies on daily and seasonal basis. Snowfall in this area is variable from year to year but as compared with other parts of the country this area gets more snow on average.

(North York Airport Limo) City has many attractions for visitors. Some of them are North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Byland Abbey, Cleveland Way National trail which is a long distance footpath, Lyke Wake Walk is another long distance footpath, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Eden Camp Museum.

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