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In 2001, the National Air Transportation Association named Pearson Airport one of the America’s 100 most needed airports. Pearson airport because of his services and its area and its history is new one of the busiest airport on earth. Pearson field is easily accessible by land and air as it is located directly east of I-5 and just north of Highway 14 and the Columbia River. It has a total area of 134.4 acres and is operated by the city of Vancouver, Washington which owns 61.8 acres of its area. The remaining 72.6 acres are under the National Park Service and lie in the boundaries of Vancouver National Historic reserve.

It is the only airport in U.S that is completely operated within the boundaries of a national historic reserve. In the beginning this land has seen much aviation with its use as an airfield dating back in 1905. Today it is the home of the Pearson Air Museum and Jack Murdock Aviation Center. Pearson Field has everything in it whether you want see the sights, rent a hangar, or learn to fly.

In 1937 Toronto Harbor Commission purchased nine farmland properties from which airport were created. When it was opened in 1939 for the first time was named as Malton Airport. This name was due to its location as it was near Malton. In 1940 city of Toronto purchased Malton Airport. In 1958 the control of Airport was given to transport Canada and was renamed as Toronto international Airport in 1960. In 1984 in the honor of 14th prime minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson the airport was once again renamed as Lester B. Pearson International Airport. In 1996 the management responsibilities of airport were transferred to Greater Toronto Airport Authority from Transform Canada under National Airport Policy. In 1938 the first terminal was built that consisted of a standard terminal building from a converted farm house. The airport has two operating terminals, terminal 1 and terminal 3. The old terminal 1 was closed with opening of new terminal 1 on April 6, 2004. On April 6, 2004 the new terminal 1 opened its piers D and E.Canada has eight airports that offer United States border preclearance facilities and Pearson is one of those. Every airline at airport like Star Alliance, Sky Team and One World maintain lounges. Pearson Airport has many lounges within the airport. There are many “Pay-In” lounges open to use for all passengers.

Toronto Pearson International Airport has fixed pick up location Limousines. Terminal 3 is used for these services. Limos (Cabs/Taxis) are licensed by the City of Mississauga, separately from the GTA. Limos licensed in Toronto can easily deliver to airport, but vehicles to park or enter in airport areas must have license from the Pearson Airport Authority that’s why registered limo companies can pick up at airport legally. Visitors and individuals made booking online for limousine on prior notice. Chuffer on terminal 3 already wait there for them. Limo companies use authorized out of town flat rate for for pick up procedures on airports.

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